Top Five World’s Longest Flights by Distance

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Top Five World’s Longest Flights by Distance

I’ve been fortunate to take many long flights in my time on this planet. Yes, I’m a glutton for punishment, but on long flights, I get to think and plan a lot. Plus I love people watching and its interesting how each of us handle these flights differently.

I wrote a piece about the 16 world’s longest flights on so you can take a look there. But here I wanted to tell you where to find the top five and how to get on board.




AKL – Auckland, New Zealand
DOH – Doha, Qatar
DXB – Dubai, United Arab Emirates
IAH – Houston-Intercontinental, Houston TX USA
LHR – London-Heathrow, London United Kingdom
PER – Perth, WA Australia
SIN – Singapore
SYD – Sydney, NSW Australia

77L – Boeing 777-200LR
789 – Boeing 787-9


Have you taken any of these top five flights? Or any other long flights for that matter. Any tips for sustaining these flights? Leave a comment below and share with your fellow passriders.

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