Top Five World’s Longest Flights by Distance

by Kerwin McKenzie on January 19, 2018

Top Five World’s Longest Flights by Distance

I’ve been fortunate to take many long flights in my time on this planet. Yes, I’m a glutton for punishment, but on long flights, I get to think and plan a lot. Plus I love people watching and its interesting how each of us handle these flights differently.

I wrote a piece about the 16 world’s longest flights on so you can take a look there. But here I wanted to tell you where to find the top five and how to get on board.




AKL – Auckland, New Zealand
DOH – Doha, Qatar
DXB – Dubai, United Arab Emirates
IAH – Houston-Intercontinental, Houston TX USA
LHR – London-Heathrow, London United Kingdom
PER – Perth, WA Australia
SIN – Singapore
SYD – Sydney, NSW Australia

77L – Boeing 777-200LR
789 – Boeing 787-9


Have you taken any of these top five flights? Or any other long flights for that matter. Any tips for sustaining these flights? Leave a comment below and share with your fellow passriders.

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