Transportation In Barbados: How To Take The Public Buses

by Kerwin McKenzie on December 11, 2019

How To Take The Public Transportation in Barbados As Told By A Local


Barbados is one of the smaller Caribbean islands. I lived in Barbados for 4 years back in the 1980s and never knew the story behind the Bus Stops until my visit in October of 2019 as a guest of the Barbados Tourism Board and JetBlue Airways.


The video below which explains the history of the buses in Barbados, was filmed in the St. James Parish Church, the oldest church in Barbados. The story came up during the tour.




There are two types of buses in Barbados, the mostly blue with yellow stripe buses (government run) and the mostly yellow with yellow stripe buses.


Blue and yellow bus in Barbados Blue and yellow bus in Barbados



Holetown yellow bus in Barbados Holetown yellow bus in Barbados


They will stop at the bus stops as well as in between the bus stops. At the time of this writing, the cost of the buses is $3.50 for each journey. You must have local currency, Barbados dollars.

You can find out more information about the buses in Barbados at The Web site for the blue and yellow stripe bus is at They typically run the same route as the privately held yellow and blue striped buses.


Have you taken the bus in Barbados? Please share your story.

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avatar Roxanne December 18, 2019 at 2:10 am

I am in Barbados every month because I am married to a Bajan. One thing I learned about Banana is they are willing to give you directions if you’re lost. What I learned about the buses is: a person sitting in a sit will hold your bag for you while you stand. I love Barbados because you can be free to travel all over by bus.


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