Travel Tools

Travel Tools


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Flight Loads

The all important flight loads. Here, I have some resources for getting an idea of what the flights look like and your position on the standby list online, using the airline’s App and at the airport itself.

Delta Air Lines HOU to ATL on Tue., Mar. 28, 2023 Seat Map

Delta Air Lines HOU to ATL on Tue., Mar. 28, 2023 Seat Map

 Flight Loads – Delta Air Lines Flight Loads View Available Seats Airbus A319


You’ve mentioned in the surveys that booking a hotel is challenging and I totally agree with you. The Accommodations page provides a few resources to help you book that perfect room, even at the last minute.

I recommend getting a credit card for that particular hotel as well as signing up for their loyalty program. Don’t leave any points on the table.

Hotel AC Almeria

Hotel AC Almeria

Travel Insurance

We travel quite a bit as passriders and most don’t really think about travel insurance. For your next trip, why not consider taking out some sort of travel insurance? The company I use, Trawick International, have an annual program you can consider if you travel quite a bit as I do.

Marina Bay Sands Hotel Singapore


I love to just wander when I visit a destination, however, there’s really nothing like taking a tour from a reputable person with an amazing Guide. There are also some really good “Free” Tours in select cities. I put “Free” in quotes as its customary you give the Guide a tip at the end. The term “Free” is used as its not a set price for the tour.

I’ve used Walks in Italy on a recent trip as they are a partner and I throughly enjoyed their tours. Thus I highly recommend them.

Check out the Tours page for this and other Tours.

Walks of Italy Tour folks Walks of Italy Tour folks

Airport Delays and Flight Tracking

It’s pretty important that you know the status of your flight so you can make the right decision in your travels. If a delayed flight will make you miss a connection, then there is no point in getting on it right?


Reading List

I thought I’d list a few items for you to read on your next trip.


Travel Gadgets

Who knows what you may need on your next trip. Check out Amazon for some nifty ideas.



Passrider Travel Guides

Who knows what you may need on your next trip. Check out Amazon for some nifty ideas.

89 Things To Do As An Airline Employee Before You QUIT – This Guide tells you how to maximize your flight benefits. It lists a series of things, well 89, to do before you no longer have the flights benefits with which to do it.

NRSA Travel Guide – This is my first book, which is designed to tell you all about how being an airline employee works. If you’re just starting in the industry, its a must have. If you’re already a member of my newsletter, then you already have this book.

Passrider Routing Guides – A quick look at how to get from one place to the next.

From The Airport To The City Worldwide – There are several airport with public transit into the city, this Guide helps you through this process.


Flight Bookings

Although flying space available and making the most of your Pass benefits is fun, sometimes your airline does not fly to a location or you have no agreements with the airline that does or you just want to get there without any drama.

If its something like a wedding or special occasion, and you have to be there, purchasing a confirmed ticket is the way to go. Or if your airline has no partner benefits, or select family member benefits, a paid ticket is the next best things.

I’ve found that you can oftentimes find great fares just by doing a little legwork. I recommend an online booking site called