Why I Had To Take Two PCR Tests For One Trip

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Why I Had To Take Two PCR Tests For My Trip To Dubai

I’m preparing to head to Dubai for the Dubai Airshow; last time there for the Show was in 2014. It’s my first international flight since February 2020, so it feels strange. First flight since mid-July 2020 when I did a trip to Denver; drove one-way and flew back on Delta for the return. But travel is slowly returning and the work must continue using all the precautions available to get us back on track.

Burj Khalifa

Burj Khalifa

Dubai Entry Requirements

As a requirement for entry into Dubai, I had to do a RT-PCR test within 72 hours of departure and the authorities may also have me do another on arrival and yet another at 6 days later, if I’m still in Dubai. These requirements change based on your country of residence and how you are getting to Dubai. So check before you go. You can head to for details.

Dubai Creek, Old Dubai, United Arab Emirates - Abras waiting for a fare at night

Dubai Creek, Old Dubai, United Arab Emirates – Abras waiting for a fare at night

First PCR Test

The results of my first test never got to my email box as promised in 24 hours even after a phone call. You can watch the video of my first test at https://www.instagram.com/p/CWHIs3LD6gv/.

Not to worry, after not receiving the results at the 27 hour mark, I called around Houston and found a place by the airport, Genview Diagnostics that does 1, 5 and 10-hour PCR tests. The 10-hour is free, the 5 hour is $50 and the 1 hour is $100.

Their website looks like a spam one, so I called to ensure it was legit; it was. A well-spoken young man answered and gave me quality information and even texted me the two addresses, their opening hours and the different types of test.

1, 5, 10 hour covid-tests

I Took The Test

I couldn’t really sleep all night having set my alarm for 4:15a and went to bed at 12:30a or so; uugh! I even woke up before the alarm and just lay there for a bit. I also checked my email to see if maybe the results came in; nope!

I got myself together and headed out. I was amazed at how busy the roadways were at 4:45a; geez. It was an uneventful drive to the airport at that hour thankfully.

I was the first one there at 5:18a this morning, even before the Tester showed up :-). One other passenger arrived after I did; he was heading to Canada and needed a one-hour test. The place was all dark and gloomy with zero lighting. I had to check carefully with the light on my phone and my headlights that I was in the right place. The company needs to add external lights as they are open early in the morning and after dark in the p.m.

The office opened promptly at 5:30a as the Tester showed up, opened up and was ready to go. I love when companies do as they say. She came to the door and I walked over and so did the other guy. She was good to ask who was here first and I told her it was me and the other guy yielded.

I was handed a clipboard and a pen and she asked me if I was doing 1, 5 or 10 hours. I told her 5 since 10 would cut it close. She then asked me for my form of payment and ID, which I gave her. She disappeared inside and came back with a receipt and the swab.

She told me to pull my mask down over my mouth and head back. She dug deep; very deep. She was gentle though. Watch my video at . I thanked her for getting up early and serving us and also chatted with the other traveler for a bit as well. He was quite nervous about missing his flight. I didn’t get any more details as he had started filling out his paperwork.

The Results

I already had an email in my mailbox at 5:45a telling me to create an account and by 6:48a, I had my negative results in PDF format and also accessible in the portal. Yeah. As I was early, they just took care of it I guess.

Forty hours later and still no email from the first test (yes, I checked my junk folder :-0).

Now I can head to the airport later. for my reports of the flights today as well as my time at the Dubai Airshow and I’ll also try to visit Expos 2020.

I’m sure the adventure will continue :-). Join me please!