5 Romantic Adventures For 2017

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Ah romance…


5 Romantic Adventures in 2017

5 Romantic Adventures in 2017


It’s that time of the year when the love bug bites and its time to treat our loved ones with a little bit of extra care. So I thought I’d find some adventurous things you could do, not only for the upcoming St. Valentine’s Day, but for any special occasion. Also, throw in a few places you’ve perhaps never heard of either.



Here goes…



1. Las Vegas, NV

But not for casino gambling or walking down the Las Vegas Blvd. and watching the Bellagio Fountain, but for taking a helicopter flight down the Las Vegas Strip or one around the Grand Canyon. You can accomplish this using a helicopter from one of the tours in the region.

Las Vegas is served by the McCarran International Airport (LAS) and has flights from most of the major cities around the world, so you’ll have no issues with air transportation. Just watch the loads as Las Vegas is a very busy destination. You may want to do it during the week as the loads are much better then.


Bellagio, Las Vegas - Fountain

Bellagio, Las Vegas – Fountain


2. Toronto, ON Canada

Not my cup of tea, but the CN Tower allows you to walk outside and hang off the side of the Tower. It’s called the Edge Walk. Pretty cool for the adventurous plus the view is amazing as well. You can order tours here.

Getting to Toronto is easy enough, there are two airports; Lester B. Pearson (YYZ) and the downtown airport Billy Bishop (YTZ). Porter Airlines has most flights to the downtown airport, but you can also fly in on Air Canada (AC). YYZ has service from many airlines around the world and in the U.S. so you’ll have no issues there. You may also drive across the border with the U.S. or take Amtrak/Via Rail or a Greyhound bus.


Toronto - Billy Bishop Airport YTZ


3. The South Coast of Jamaica

Not many visit the South Coast of Jamaica at all, but it has some sweet gems. Sandals Resort in Whitehorse is located right on the beach. You are away from everything and can focus on your loved one. I grew up as they say “just down the road” but its really far away in real terms :-). The are is rich in fruits and foods, so you can take some of that as well.

Getting to Jamaica is pretty easy. You fly into Montego Bay (MBJ), then you either arrange transportation with Sandals or you can rent a car or take what’s called JUTA. Ground transportation is a little pricey though. All the major U.S. airlines has service to Montego Bay. usually the loads are pretty high, so pay attention and have backup plans. There is another airport on the island, but its in Kingston (KIN) which is a 4 hour drive away.


Jamaican Fruits Montego Bay, Jamaica

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4. Unfamiliar Destinations

Apparently I’m a sucker for places that are hidden and unknown from others. So I created this new Web site to showcase them There’s one everyday, any of them will be an adventure in and of themselves.

Check them out at UnfamiliarDestinations.com.


Tenby, Wales, United Kingdom

A drone shot of Tenby, Wales, United Kingdom from my friend Rich from @djirich


5. Palau

A few years ago, I journeyed to Jellyfish Lake in Palau. It is quite the journey, but the sights along the way is totally worth it. The whole trip will take a day so give yourself some time. You get to swim with the jellyfish and they did not sting me. If you want an adventure that makes you appreciate your partner, then this will do.

Getting to Palau is quite a journey in and of itself. It’s served by Asiana Airlines (OZ), China Airlines (CI), Delta Air Lines (DL), Japan Airlines (JL), Korean Airlines (KE), Lion Air (JT) and United Airlines (UA). The capital is Koror and yo leave from here by boat out to Jellyfish Lake.


Palau Beach

Palau Beach


So those are my five picks of places to have a romantic adventure to celebrate that special time with your special someone.


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5 Romantic Adventures for 2017

5 Romantic Adventures for 2017



My friends have also put together some options as well, here they are:





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