Learning A Culture: Soca with Leon Norville

Learning A Culture: Soca From Antigua and Barbuda With Leon Norville

Learning A Culture With Leon Norville (Soca Music)


Leon Norville from Antigua and Barbuda

Leon Norville from Antigua and Barbuda


Leon Norville is a soca artiste and songwriter from the Caribbean islands of Antigua and Barbuda. He’s been singing since age 7 and has a number of releases under his belt including his newest single Malyka.

Today, Leon will teach us about soca and its origins, carnival in Antigua and Barbuda and how he came to start singing soca.

Let’s listen in.

Note: At 12:36, the video cuts out and returns at 12:54, and also at 25:03 and returns at 25:07 sorry about that. There are no audio issues during this time. We had some hiccups during recording due to Internet connectivity. My apologies.



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