Travel Itineraries: London-Heathrow (LHR) to Green Park Tube Station to Big Ben and The London Eye

by Kerwin McKenzie on January 17, 2020

How To See A Bit Of London: London-Heathrow (LHR) to Green Park Tube Station to Big Ben and The London Eye


I visit London a lot, so I thought I’d give you my typical arrival itinerary which allows you to see a bit of the sights and enjoy a bit of people watching as well.

London is the city that I’ve visited the most in al my travels. I love the place it seems. My friends there actually think I live there :-). Today, I wanted to share quick way to see some of the main sites right from the get go as you arrive.


Here’s a Google Map showing the route you’ll take.


Travel Itinerary: London-Heathrow to London Eye (Actual Google Map with walking path) Travel Itinerary: London-Heathrow to London Eye


This video serves as a visual reference. I hope you enjoy it as you virtually walk in my footsteps.





Step 1

Take the Piccadilly Line from the airport. Follow the signs as you arrive. The directions are different depending on which Terminal you arrive, however, the directions are very clear.


Step 2

Buy an Oyster card (the 5 GBP for the card will be refunded if you return the card when you leave), or these days you can use your contactless credit card to pay as you go. The Tube is the most inexpensive way to travel in London, despite how expensive the city is and it is. Tap your credit card or your Oyster card and enter the system. Remember to always tap in and out as that’s how the system knows how much to charge you. There are plenty of people around to ask for help if you require it.


Step 3

Take the Piccadilly line to Green Park. Follow the Way Out signs and follow the signs to Buckingham Palace. This will take you on a walk through Green Park, which is one of the many beautiful Parks in London. In a few minutes, you will be at Buckingham Palace to your right.





Step 4

Cross the street carefully and gaze at the Palace as well as the guards and the Queen Victoria Memorial in front of the Palace. Look down the street at the Mall. This where lots of royals have been driven in horse drawn carriages.


Step 5

Cross in front of the Memorial to the right and enter St. James’s Park. You could spend hours in this Park as its so beautiful. You will be able to spot the London Eye as you walk through. Keep heading straight ahead with the lake to your right.


Step 6

Eventually you will exit the Park at the Guards Memorial and cross Horse Guards Rd and in front of you will be a huge open graveled space. (I once saw a couple dragging their wheeled suitcases across here, it was fun to watch… Check out the video)

The changing of the Guard is done here each day, but I’ve never been there to see it yet; always miss it. The Household Cavalry Museum is dead ahead.


Step 7

Walk through the arches and eventually onto Whitehall, where you will make a right. Trafalgar Square is to your left and for another visit/itinerary. Before stepping out of this area, you will see some of the Guards on foot and on horseback. These are the Guards that guard the Queen and escorts here on state missions.  Don’t pet the horses as they may bite. But you can take photos with them and the guards. You may also visit the museum, which I’ve yet to do :-).


Step 8

Continue on Whitehall and soon you will pass The Women of World War II monument on the left, then #10 Downing Street, the Prime Minister’s residence. It’s pretty far inside, so you won’t see it, but you will see the huge gate that gets you inside.


Step 9

A few steps down the way, you will see the Cenotaph on your left. This is the War Memorial and on Veterans/Armistice Day (November 11), the Queen and/or family designees and world leaders lay wreaths to honor those who have served in the wars. You are now on Parliament Street; same road, different name as the houses of Parliament and government are all around you.


Step 10

Cross the street when able and on your left is Sir Winston Churchill’s statue, to the left is Big Ben, to the right of Big Ben are the Houses of Parliament, House of Commons and Palace of Westminster and St. Margaret’s Church is across the street and in front of you. To its right is Westminster Abbey.


Step 11

If you make a left and head towards Big Ben, you will pass the Westminster Tube station on the left and if you stand at the base of Big Ben and look diagonally across you will see the London Eye. The bridge in front of you is Westminster Bridge.


Here’s a Google link to help you –


Travel Itinerary: London-Heathrow to London Eye (Actual Google Map with walking path) Travel Itinerary: London-Heathrow to London Eye


This concludes this mini itinerary. Lots to see and explore in this area. Enjoy and save this post.


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Thank you.
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Sorry I don’t get to travel a lot but I do enjoy reading about your posts. Thanks


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