Is Your Passport Valid?

Passport Validity: Don’t Get Grounded Before Your Next Trip

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Passport Validity: Don’t Get Grounded Before Your Next Trip You’re buzzing with excitement, bags packed, and ready to head to the airport the next day for the adventure of a lifetime. But as you check-in online and you are asked for your passport information, a wave of realization crashes over you—when was the last time you checked your passport’s expiration …

Visa Requirements

Visa Requirements: They Can Be Daunting But The Countries Are Worth Visiting

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Visa Requirements Originally Published: August 22, 2015   I wanted to share some information about visa and health requirements as this is really very important when considering where you want to visit as well as the routings you wish to take. This is especially important in today’s travels.     Country Specific Visa Requirements Always remember that some countries require …

Roots, Rock, Reggae. Not The Only Three Reasons To Visit Jamaica

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Visit Jamaica (MBJ and KIN) Everyone wants to go to Jamaica! Well, it seems that way .   People like the food, the music, the beaches and the Jamaican accent among other things. I’m originally from Jamaica, so I’m biased, but I’ve met many people who have been there and they echo the same sentiments. Montego Bay is the country’s …