How To Find and Book Hotels In London, England

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McKenzie Ultimate Guides: How TO Book Hotels in london, England

The third biggest issue you tell me you have is booking hotels. I’m working on a few solutions, as well as I’ve been working diligently on this book for sometime now; actually on/off for about three years. It’s now been updated and ready for your consumption. It tells you all about how to find and book hotels in one of the most requested travel destinations in the world; London, England.
This book is included with your Premium membership, but if you are not a member, its  only 7.87 USD for a limited time to celebrate American Airlines launch of their Boeing 787.

 Limited offer of 7.87 USD Normally 27.77 USD.

Here are some highlights of the book:
  1. List of links to Major Hotel Loyalty Programs benefits and sign up pages; you should always be a member of the programs as membership comes with perks at select levels
  2. Information on over 70 hotels in the London Area
  3. List of Reasonable Central London Hotels including Underground stop for the hotels
  4. List of Reasonable London-Gatwick and -Heathrow Airport (mostly Heathrow) hotels including how to get to the hotels
  5. Food Options at the Heathrow Airport Hotels
  6. Hotel Booking Resources
  7. Lifetime updates at no additional charge
  8. Contains 33 pages
  9. 7-day money back guarantee. Just check it out and if you don’t think it will help you find a hotel in London, we will gladly refund your money.
 Limited offer of 7.87 USD Normally 27.77 USD.
Here’s an actual page from the book
Sample page of the Passrider's Guide To Finding and Booking Hotels in London, England.

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