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Why Roxanne Loves To Travel

Roxanne from North American Airlines
This is the first installment of “Why I Love To Travel.”

Here you will learn about your fellow passriders and what makes them tick when it comes to travel. It is our goal that you will learn from each other and also be interviewed by First up is Roxanne from North American Airlines.

Roxanne from North American AirlinesQuick Fire Questions

Which Airline Do You Work For?
North American Airlines.
Favorite Destination?
Favorite Airline?
JetBlue, they are so personal & kind to me.

How Many Countries Visited?

Germany, Africa, many Caribbean countries.

Years in the Industry?

6 years.

How Did You Get Started in the Aviation Industry?

Downsized from JPMorgan Chase bank in 2004, then my curiousity took me to the airline industry.

What is Your Current Function in the Airlines?


What Do You Love About the Industry?

The perks, the rush of excitement, people you meet.

How Often Do You Travel?

About every 2-3 months to Barbados, every mid-year annual vacation.

Why Do You Love To Travel?

Break from the corporate world, get to see family, beautiful weather, release stress, free to do whatever.

What Tips Can You Offer Your Industry Colleagues?

Make sure you take your vacations annually. It helps to relieve stress and rejuvenates you.

Which Airplane is Your Favorite and Why?

I do not have a favorite airplane, however, I prefer turbojets over turboprops

Which Hotel is Your Favorite Hotel in the Whole Wide World?

Hilton Barbados and New York.
Barbados is still beautiful.  I am 100% American but Barbados has become my second home!

Have You Ever Been Stuck Anywhere Due to Flight Loads? If so, how did you get out?

I have yet to be stuck anywhere. I always check the loads the day before the flights and if they run out of seats, they stick me in the F/A jumpseat.

Any Closing Comment You’d Like to Add?

I am glad to be in the airline industry enjoying the many perks & meeting people from all over the world. I will always encourage everyone to take vacations yearly. It’s so rejuvenating to the mind, body & soul.

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