What Should I Do If I Have Travels To Maui Or Am Stuck In Maui Due To The Maui Fires?

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Maui (Lahaina) Fires Wildfires started in Maui in the Hawaiian islands and were fueled by high winds from a nearby hurricane. As a result, the town of Lahaina is severely damaged by the fire and several residents have been reported killed and more are expected as they start a house-to-house search. Where is Maui Located? Maui is one of the …

20 longest flights in the U.S.

20 Longest Domestic Flights In The US (Including Guam) By Distance

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20 Longest Domestic Flights In The U.S. (Including Guam) By Distance I’m a sucker for long flights; I’ve flown the world’s longest flight from New York to Singapore, not once, but twice. As the U.S. and its territories are so vast, I thought it would be fun to look at the longest domestic flights currently flying within the U.S. and …