What do you pack when you travel?

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As an airline employee, we knows how to pack. The last thing you want is to have to check a bag especially since we board last. What are your secrets? How do you fit a week’s worth of clothing in that carry-on? Do you wash if necessary? What do you pack?

Why don’t you share what you pack for your trips with your fellow travelers? Please leave your comment below. We are all looking forward to your words of wisdom.

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  1. Foldable flats; eyeshades/earplugs; inflatable pillow; sleeping pills; meditation tape/MP3 player; tissues; water; book

    1. I always pack a power strip. You never know when your battery on a device needs juice to look up flight loads and everyone else wants to plug their devices in to the few outlets available. I also carry a few extra plastic ziplock gallon bags in my backpack to separate important documents or medication or whatever needs to be in a plastic bag. 

  2. I always have Clorox wipes, hand sanitizer, some Ricola lozenges, Kleenex, MP-3, Bose noise reducer headphones, iPad, book, battery bank and cable connections for cell phone and iPad, eye and sun glases.

  3. Basic personal cosmetics, meds and iPad, cell phone, chargers, small amount of local currency, travel docs, etc.  Depending on destination, work/pleasure ratio and time away…seasonal clothing (4 outfits for a full week and extra tops + I dressy top for special dining.  Walking shoes, dressy shoes, emergency snacks, sun hat, back pack for day trips.  Depending on duration of trip and location weather, more or less of the above. 

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